Team C-NUT

Everybody has our measure

20-6-15 Williamstown

13-6-15 Mordy

22-3-15 Melbourne Ironman

Macedon 21-3-15

14 & 15 March

While one person in particular was frothing at the sight of GP cars, others ventured to the hills - again.

Local Melbourne strongmen KT & Rob would have no doubt sorted out The Captain, Piffy and The Mayor through the Macedon Ranges.

Down the coast in Anglesea KY had puncture issues on Saturday before smashing the the first Anglesea Filthy Fifteeen with former Belgium neo pro Grant and local legend Trevor. A highly enjoyable ride and with some highly enjoyable excuses from the Melbourne poons which are wearing thin. It's only 1.25 hours from Melbourne you farkin nubes.

Votes :

3 - Joe - for the call, "one beer, one water" during the Grand Prix
2 - Grant - great work on the route for the Filthy Fifteen. A ride not to be missed....unless a legitimate excuse can be made.
1 - KT - evidently fuelled by some hormone muesli that has somehow changed his belief in having fun.

March 8

A smashfest with Rob, J-Cat & KY taking on the Great Ocean Road to Erskine Falls

Votes :
3 votes - J-Cat - new bike fit, new level of exhaustion. Was nearly a 'Piffy Grey" colour at the top of the climb.
2 votes - Rob - wasn't seen on the climb, and after KY telling him don't go into the carpark, he went. Said he would never do that again!
1 vote - KY - lucky there is some time before Italy, otherwise the only time he will see Rob is economy class, suited up! 


It was about time we got back to the Dandys to be entertained by Brendo once again.

The Captain, The Mayor, Archie, Mrs Archie were lead around a few hills by Brendo.

Votes :
3 votes - Brendo - agrued with locals, argued with Archie's mates, all while wearing Koala ears.
2 votes - Archie - 160kms, 3700m vert, fluro attire, enough said
1 vote - Mrs Archie - put most of us to shame on a beautiful but with very old technology, mid 80's bike. Watch out if she gets a new carbon, and wears fluro!


Absolutely clueless who rode this weekend.
KY was shown the sword once again by the Anglesea locals.

Votes withhheld due to lack of knowledge.

Windy Hill 14-2-14

Too wet to ride so inside activities it was for Joey, Archie, Rob & KY. The double spin class almost destroyed the crew.

The Mayor & KT tried to join the pro peleton by completing a Hill Camp. 

Votes :

3 - Joe - for the hipster gym shorts (or were they underwear)
2 - Archie - nearly blew the house down in spin class. Neanderthal sounds were emitting from his body.
1 - The Mayor - somehow completed the training camp, Now an official poon for life.


3 VOTES - KT - For turning into an ultra serious POON on the training camp, completely ignoring The Mayor, and his requests for an ale or 2

Mordialloc 6-2-14

New rider Dan lucky enough experienced a tame Archie, together with KY & J-Cat for his virgin ride to Mordy.

Votes :

3 - Dan - turned up with 40 pound in his tyres, no drink bottle, and was only discovered that his front wheel was not tight at Mordy. Green - yes. An athlete - yes, so watch out when he gets bike fit.
2 - Archie - showed amazing restraint in allowing so many poons to pass him as he was looking after Dan. Did let the legs go occasionally but votes for team player of the week.
1 - J-Cat - rode to Sorrento, but no Arthurs Seat....and that was with a tail wind the whole way. Have a dip Champ!

31-1-14 Mordialloc

A relaxing ride for some to Mordy with Vista.Piffy,  Pauly, J-Cat, The Captain & KY.

Votes :

3 - Vista - was not relaxing for him. Was so rooted could only stomach one fried dim sim.
2 - The Captain - multiple dim sim intake.
1 - Pauly - out of his natural habitat, but yes, it is enjoyable.

The Boulevard 24-1-14

Chris, Piff & KY took to the tacks on the Boulevard.

Votes :

3 - Chris - tried to poof out but was told he had to do more hills. He was glad he did.
2 - Piffy - in some rare form from the spin classes. After 45 minutes he may turn grey again though.
1 - KY - coached Chris up a few extra hills but destroyed himself in the process.

CAV 2015

26-12-14 Sanctuary Lakes

While the rest oif the world were recovering, Wiz & KY ventured to the west for a lazy 80 kms. A little wet, a little slow, but good Ironman training-not!

Votes :

3 - KY - because he is due for a BOG
3 - Wiz -  from the Gold Coast to Yarraville. Unflustered but a little scared.

Frankston 13-12-14

A small crew ventured to Frankston consisting of Joey, The Mayor, J-Cat & KY. A beautiful thing.

Votes :
3 - Brendo - 1st man to complete the 7 Peaks. Was it by bike....or car? A mystery.
2 - J-Cat - absolutely rooted. Only the sun kept his heart ticking.
1 - Joey - an absolute machine.