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Pauly's Love Shack - Forrest - Jan'17

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Pauly's Freebee 20-9-14

Brendo's New Rig 15-2-14

"The Scott is dead, long live the Wilier - Fark no!"

  • Carbon monocoque frame
  • Shimano ultegra 6700 11-speed
  • Fulcrum Racing 3 
  • The Wilier GTR is a fine example of Wiliers innovative thinking. An updated and improved version of the already popular and successful Gran Turismo, the GTR (Gran Turismo Race) is a bike that will ideally suit the needs and expectations of the majority of road bike riders.

    Including “Race” into the name, should by no means be taken to indicate this is purely a racing bike. The first thing to note is “Gran Turismo”, a great touring bike …… (not a fat tyred pannier bag type), but one that, apart from the elite professional, is one that could be raced if you are so inclined. In fact the perfect bike for the multitude of us that enjoy a ride a few times a week and really look forward to Gran Fondo’s and the longer mass participation rides such as Amy’s Gran Fondo, Sydney to the Gong, Alpine Classic, Bupa Around the Bay in a Day or the Bupa Tour Downunder challenge, the UWCT Perth or simply the bunch ride on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Perfect too for the club rider who wants a great race bike, but hasn’t the budget for a Zero 7 or Cento 1 SR.

    The Wilier GTR combines the properties required for comfortable long distance riding with features that ensure snappy positive responses to power input. Confident and precise handling. Exceptional stability and cornering at speed.

    Torsional stiffness is a prime design criteria, with frame tube profiles and a tapered head tube that eliminate frame flex and power loss, coupled to forks that are remarkably stable and enhance acceleration when out of the saddle. The rear triangle of the frame is vertically compliant, dampening much of the shock caused by road surface irregularities, but without dissipating any of the riders precious energy.

2013 Poon of the Year

The bookies were right. Outright favourite was The Captain and he delivered! Another new name for the trophy.

KY - a Broken Man...Again

KY's June long weekend :

Saturday - a nice ride with the crew to Mordy

Sunday - a nice mountain bike ride at Anglesea...........until a misjudged jump, sailing over the bars, breaking wrist and bruising ribs. Lucky local legend Tony was there to assist the walk of shame out of the forest.

The rest of the weekend was in Geelong Hospital, waiting 2 days for an operation, no food allowed and then the 2 hour operation putting back together over 20 bits of fragmented bone.

Yeah, could have been a better weekend. Arrived home Tuesday night.

6 weeks before next ride!

The Captain - New Cento SR1

The Captain has finally purchased some new technology, the new Wilier SR1....and of course with the usual upgrades : Campag Super Record and Shamal wheels.

Bloody nice!

Campagnolo Super Record 11 speed
Campagnolo Shamal wheelset
Integrated seat post
Integrated front fork
386 EVO BB shell
Asymmetric rear stays
Interchangeable rear dropouts
Cable guide plate
Integrated cables
Electronic groups compatible
Time Xpresso carbon pedals
Dodgy white saddle


Abigail Zara "Mitch" 20-2-13

Photo: Hanging out with my daughter. Abigail Zara. Just 20 hours old.  Born late last night.  Mum also doing well

Congrats Jane and Mitch.

Enjoy the ride!

From the crew

2012 CNUT "Poon of the Year"

"The Captain celebrated Archie's win - HARD"

2012 was pretty thin in the riding department for the Poons of Team CNUT. However, one rider stood above the rest in having a crack with all that was offerred.

12 hour races, stage races, smashing expensive wheels at a mtb race, getting a barrarge at cyclocross, riding ridiculous hills at 3 peaks, sorting out a few Rooters on the way St Andrews, CRUSHING ALL SA Rooters in Adelaide, getting sorted out by Kylie on the ski slopes, and there was plenty more :

ARCHIE - A worthy winner.

What this means is :

1. The skinsuit will have to be worn at least twice on the road - Joe set this precedence. (It did fit Joe perfectly so you may need a cricket box Archie)

2. The yellow winter jersey will also need to be worn and handed over during the year to someone who has messed up.

3. The perpetual trophy to be displayed on mantle piece. Yes - it will be engraved earlier than this year.

4. New perpetual trophy (single wheeled bike) to be displayed or ridden wherever you like.


KY's Beach Cruiser

The new beach cruiser - some rate it :

Focus Izalco Team Carbon 
Front Suspension
3T Rigida Team T4 carbon
Mavic Ksyrium SLR
Continental Grand Prix 4000 23c  
SRAM Force
Front Derailleur
SRAM Force
Rear Derailleur
SRAM Force
SRAM Force Carbon
Thrones Soleus
Seat Post
Thomson Masterpeice
Ritchey WCS Ergo
Thomson X4
SRAM Force

Joe's Dogma - Oct' 12

It's got farkin everything top shelf : Cycling Weekly review below.


Truly great frame
Inspiring ride
Handles like a dream



Score 10



When Pinarello released the Dogma 2 at the Tour de France last year, it could hardly have been a more understated way to put a new bike beneath two WorldTour teams. There were no flags and balloons, no PR people and certainly nothing to test ride. In fact it would have been amazingly easy to miss it.

Fast-forward to this year and getting our hands on a test bike certainly wasn't easy. When you look into it a bit further, you realise that Pinarello isn't the biggest company (it is still a family-run business) and it would seem that it is struggling to keep up with demand for these frames - but why is that? All becomes clear as soon as you head out for the first time: this frame is a work of genius. Dogma 2 fits into a very small group of bikes that truly make you want to attack the road. Going fast isn't enough; you need - and, in fact, will positively want - to get out of the saddle and smash it down the road until the lactate in your legs makes you sit down again - it's that good.

What has Pinarello done to get this feel? Frankly, I think we'd all like to know, as would the company: it scores highly for stiffness, weight and even aerodynamics, yet there is something else too; an extra something.


KY's Redundancy

As some hipsters said at the Mountain Goat last time we were there "look, there's some old blokes riding around on fixies!" Well, if you like riding them, ride them. I can assure those hipsters we don't do it for the image, as we do it for fun!!

KY decided if he is going to ride the streets during the week while he is not working, it might as well be good!

This is it - a Cinelli Gazzetta with some decent parts that were lying around in his man cave. A bloody nice ride, even it could be classified as LOUD!!!


12-5-12 Kompressor

The Kompressor now slightly "kompressed". Now tainted for life.

The hairdresser car has a haircut. The Captain was taken out in Lygon Street post pizza!!!

Pauly's Cross Bike

More off road stuff for Pauly..................

Frame: 24-ton high modulus carbon fiber - X-fire 1202a
Fork: 4ZA Oryx full carbon monocoque
Stem: 4ZA Stratos Compact Bend
Handlebar: 4ZA Stratos
Grips: 4ZA Stratos
Front Derailleur: Shimano Ultegra
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Ultegra
Shifters: Shimano Ultegra 6700
Crankset: SRAM 350 PF30 48/34
Pedals: N/a
Brakes: 4ZA
Seat: 4ZA Stratos
Seatpost: 4ZA Stratos
Tyres: Vredestein Fortezza
Rims: 4ZA Stratos

Stevie's Crash - March '12

"A pic of a healthy Stevie"

Collided with someone who did a right hand turn in front of me, only going about 20 klicks so not too bad but landed on my arse so the lower back took the impact mostly.  The bike isn't too bad other than a few scratches and the guys at CBD are doing a quote now.

Thanks for your concern, just going to relax and drink beer. Watching the pies at the pub tonight as it turns out, third pint coming.

The Mayor - February 9 2012

The Mayor was spotted, with a hero of Pauly's - February 2012

Tour Down Under Jan '11

Joe was at his best at the Tour Down Under!

Michelle 21-11-11

Michelle - the damage I sustained in bike crash ten days ago....fractured eye socket and rib but on the mend! Morning commuted down Swanston st can be v dangerous.....

The Need for Gloves

A gentle reminder why we should always wear gloves, and a reminder to be careful out there.

A work colleague of KY, James, had a spill in Glen Iris on the bike track. Not great, but lucky.

Wizza's Upgrade

The world of carbon - Wizza has joined the revolution

Blinger than Bling

From what planet is this bike from? Supa's new Pinarello. First ride 1-11-11.

Piffy's Carbon


Piff has joined the world of plastic bikes - very nice

Pauly's 'New' BMC 2-10-11

A big upgrade - new frame and I suspect other bits and pieces. Very nice!

Ayla Elizabeth Miton 2-9-11


Congratulations from all the crew to Brendo, Narelle and Sarah with the new addition of Ayla to Miton clan.

We hardly see Brendo now, but no doubt he will continue to pick and join us for the hardest hills in Melbourne.

The Corbett - now 40


Happy 40th Corbett from the crew - while he was getting well oiled, KY and Pauly had to resort to the outdoor smoking area at The Roysten!

Why? - what's with the line up at the Goat? 

KT - Now Nominated 1-8-11

"There is no fixing that jersey"

KT now nominated for Crash of the Year Award.

A rock the size of a golf ball took him out! One busted rib and some deep lacerations the result.

All the best KT, you will still be strong in Spain.


Adele Maddison Rose Ellis 26-7-11

From Jason - "New addition to family this week. Adele Maddison Rose Ellis, 2.68kg at 18:50 Tuesday 26th July."

Congratulations to Jason , Olivia, Connor & Keira from all the crew - seems like Jason & Olivia aren't going to stop!

KY at Roobiax 26-6-11

KY - This WAS his good hip!!

Ewen's Injury 19-6-11

From Ewen - "I took out a low stump of a small tree this morning on SGGS ride, it went into me on the inside of my calf just up from my sock, in 1.5cm maybe, felt like 3 cm. Hell of a way to check my fat levels....."

From fellow rider Mat - "As I assisted you in cleaning it when we got back to JJ's, I can varify that it was about 4cm's in length & opened up about 1.5cm's. We used about 3 tubes of saline to flush it out & there was an opening under the skin that could easily of fitted a 50 cent coin. It looked as though the stump jabbed right up under the skin & separated the skin from the muscle fibre. Ewen is so lean that the fat layer under the skin which was visibly yellow was only about 3mm thick.
It sure was a ripper & it just goes to show how close we are to injury every time we ride.
My eyesights getting so bad that I thought it was a graze when it first happened. You did well Ewen to keep it together."

The Mayor's New FP7

Very very nice

Joe's "New" Tandem

Can the master mechanic Pauly get this going?


The Captain's New Wilier

KY's New Beach Fixie

Bike  - $FREE

Cost of new 27 inch fixie wheel - $80

Cost of new chain - $20

Cost of new tubes and tyre tape - $20

Cost of parts lying around - $unknown

Time - 1 hour for KY to pull apart, 1 hour for Pauly to finish off, 0.25 hour for KY to clean off sand and grit

Conclusion - 5 minutes for The Mayor to conclude it is DANGEROUS!

2011 Tour De Kids Done & Dusted!

Rob and Paul have finished 1,150kms and over $30,000 raised between them - ABSOLUTE LEGENDS!!

If you haven't donated please go to this site. or

Paul Currie adorned with the Cobra MkI helmet for additional safety after a near miss with a tractor the previous afternoon. This was indeed an honor as the next day it was awarded to Olympic gold medalist Steve Wooldridge for a tumble down some stairs.



Piffy at Iron Maiden - 23-2-11

Piffy was in his natural habitat watching some legends. Rated!

The Ironman - Stevie 22-2-11

I AM ALIVE but only just emerging from the depths of Ironman training. The last 3 months have been intense with the weekends featuring looooong sessions on the bike of 180-195km and then ride/run sessions on Sundays of 2hr+2hr, 4 sessions of swimming every week, and various speed sessions during the week too! Michelle was truly an Ironman widow. Thankfully its all over now and last week was the start of the taper into NZ.

Raced last weekend down at Geelong with Wizz and a thousand or so others. The water quality was good but the swim exit had loads of sea urchins and plenty of us finished with urchin feet. For those familiar with Amys Ride you would know the road from the botanical gardens out to Leopold which is where the bike course took us on Sunday, the tail wind out was extreme with speeds in excess of 50km/h being achieved with little effort. After turning around it was a slog and with a 1 lap bike course there were few people cheating (i.e. drafting in packs which is illegal in triathlon). A cruisy 10km through the botanical gardens and then through Eastern beach finished the day. Passed a tall lean muscular bloke about  4km into the run and as I went past identified them as Wizz, a quick "g'day" and "keep going" was all time permitted. Caught up with Wizz and cheer squad at the end of the race and he was looking fit although worn from 2 weeks of racing.

There's now 10 days to go to Ironman with 2 more hard training sessions; tomorrow on the Brunswick Velo, and then a tempo run session at Prinny. Last ride before packing the bike will be on Sunday, a very cruisy ride down to Mordy and back, might even be able to stop for coffee on the way home. Anyone else interested?

Live coverage of IM NZ at this location; guns goes at 7am (or 5am Aust Eastern), and hoping to cross the line between 5pm and 6pm.

Race report in the days following.

Supa & Bec do the Double!!!

From Supa 12th December 2010 -

"Rebecca and I would like to announce that we are the proud parents of twin boys who were born this morning at 3.15am Their names are: Edward James (Ted) weighing 2kgs and William Jack (Bill) weighing 2.2kgs All are very well."

Congratulations from all the crew

Great to see Supa out on the bike after one week!!!!!!

Michelle turns 40!!!

This martini fuelled group were there to enjoy Michelle's 40th. Thanks for a great party.

Michelle, happy birthday from all of us.

KY's 'New" Stumpy


30th Anniversary Edition Specialized Stumpjumper

Fork: 2003 Fox TALAS 80 - 125mm - upgraded from stock with Enduro seals
Headset: Chris King
Headset Cap, Stem, Seatpost & Seat collar: Thomson - all the bags will be included
Wheels: DT240s hubs, Mavic 819 rims, S-Works Fast Trak 2.0 2Bliss tyres (99% good)
Brakes: Juicy Carbon with Alloy levers (basically a Juicy 7) with Shimano Centrelock Rotors
Cranks & Front Mech: Shimano XT 760-series
Shifters & Rear Mech: SRAM X0
Shifter Cables & Housing: Shimano XTR (SP41)
Seat: Specialized Body Geometry with Titanium Rails
Grips: Jetblack lockon
Weight: 12.14kg - without pedals

KY is clueless on the mechanics of this bike. Pauly knows or hopefully knows.

KY is looking forward to some dirt action and to The Corbett - don't ask the question, "can I have a lend of it?"

Pina's New Beast

Pina is now getting a woollen cap, tattoos on his legs, black framed glasses, bmx black helmet and courier bag. Very nice though.

Wiz - 50th in Style Las Vegas

Wiz - the skinny man is now 50, and with no leg or stomach hair!!

Happy birthday from the crew

KY's Gellie Custom

KY's Gellie Custom now built and riding beautifully

A road frame of Columbus Life tubing built to the identical geometry of the aluminium frame it has replaced. Top and down-tubes in double-oversize road sizing. Stainless-steel rear dropouts by Paragon with a replaceable derailleur hanger. The proven ride feel of a NOS (not oversized) 27.2mm size seatpost. The 60.0cm frame came in at a very respectable sixteen-hundred and seventy grams. Columbus's beautiful Minimal fork was chosen, specially developed by Columbus for lightweight steel frames and a good dependable fork as you'd expect from a company that also created the frame tubing. Llewellyn STI bosses on the downtube, Chris King headset and SRAM Force ensemble.

Special thanks to Ewen & Pauly for building it up - while KY watched and drank some amber. 

Tuesday Track 20-4-10

Results from Brunswick CC’s Tuesday night track racing, held at DISC on Tuesday 20th April 2010.


E Grade

8 Lap Point Score
1.  Joe McShanag         7pts
2.  Matthew Dean         5pts
3.  Jessica Morgan       5pts

1.  Matthew Dean
2.  Joe McShanag
3.  Jessica Morgan
Comment from Joe : "Absolutely shitting myself & very lucky to stay on bike"
Photo of Joe 11-5-10 - It didn't take long for the first stack

Keira Mackenzie Ellis 21-3-10

From Jason :

As some may be aware, we enjoyed the very quick arrival of our new daughter on weekend.  Despite full term (to the day), the labour was very short – 4hrs, making the hospital with 16minutes to spare.


 Keira Mackenzie Ellis

Born: 3:14pm Sunday 21st March

Weight: 2.5kg / 5lb 7oz

Photos attached


Mum and Baby doing very well and home resting.  For those that I have spoken with already, thank you for the well wishes.




Ryno's Crash 16-2-10

Ryno's number was up by the look of it. Hopefully no more numbers come up!

From Ryno :

"A chick veers to the right going up, I am cruising down thinking of Sundays State Titles -feeling in podium form -next thing clang I am doing a flying pyke plus a somersault the Pinarello and I are no longer as one and as I spear in my left ankle gets the turn around 180 degree treatment . Not my best easy spin morn"

Ryno - the lads & ladies in Melbourne wish you a speedy recovery and get back on the bike asap.

Ryno 21-2-10 :

"Needed a rest anyway perhaps. Out of Hospital and off the bike it would seem for a while to come. Thanks for the messages and thoughts. Doesn't help much- as I am just cranky with the whole ******** thing!! Achilles was pulled off, ankle has two broken bits, heel bone snapped off and two fractures in left wrist- I'm fkd for a while."

Evan Corbett 19-1-2010

From The Corbett :

"The Corbett cycling squad welcomed its newest rookie this morning at 5:05am. Evan weighs in at 3.37kg (about 7lb 7 oz) old speak.

Mum and Evan are well. Father is mental."

Congratulations from all the crew 

The Mayor turns 40!!!!

Many happy returns to The Mayor on his 40th birthday on 15-1-10.

He certainly celebrated!!!!!!!!!


The Refurbed "Gitane"

Pauly has finally completed work on KY's Postie and this is the result. Get ready for a visit st Vincents once again to see KY because he is riding it fixed! INTELLIGENCIA!!

Nice cockpit


Wizza at Noosa

We all know Wizz is a modest fella, and that he has been plugging away at this triathlon caper for some time now. Well this year he has stepped up and shed large amounts of kilo's and the results are now demonstrable. The goal time for Noosa 2009 was to break 2:50 and I suggested that he would be able to break 2:40 with his recently found form, see below for the outcome;


Finish Time

HH : MM : SS


HH : MM : SS


HH : MM : SS


HH : MM : SS

Congratulations Wizz, smashed the 2:40 barrier, an awesome performance on what was clearly a slow day based on the times of the winners.

Joe - Bathurst 11-10-09

An amazing weekend for rev heads. Being with the Toll HRT team was too good to be true when they won the big race. Here's a couple of pictures of me with the winning drivers, Garth Tander & Wil Davidson in the pitts after the race & a personal favourite holding the Peter Brock Trophy.

Giddey up

The Crash 10-10-09

Brendo wins the Most Outrageous Crash Award for 2009

The mono did not quite work at the Boulevard. He actually went into shock! Injuries were displaced vertibrae, bruised lungs and back. It wasn't great but he is getting better. No more wheel stands Brendo!

Joe in the Cattery GF Day 26-9-09

Yes fellow team cnuts. Now that I have come to my senses & feeling a tad remorseful of Saturday morning performance but will happily take the 3 votes. Let me explain. It all started Friday morning. Got up early & went for a short run, anticipating a huge weekend whatever Saturday afternoon’s result. The run released the nervous anxiety however Kylie was very happy to see me go to work! Grand final eve was in full swing. Off to the Parade in the pouring rain with 60,000 other tragic’s. Ben & Aliza couldn’t understand why we would go out in the rain but a little tough love never hurt anyone.  Standing next to a big bloke supporting the Saints who had flown in from the US of A (no result sunshine) & took the opportunity to give it too his mate when Gary Ablett went bye with a very vocal “G Ablett you are a beautiful man”. This was in direct response to him encouraging clearly an over rated Jones to kill Ablett. What our Gary … how dare he.  Friday night talked strategy with my brother as we reviewed the lists & how in the bloody hell we could beat the Saint when they had been so good all year.  The weather was giving us some hope with they’re tall boys up forward sure to struggle.

Saturday up early for cnut ride. 3 votes are hard to get these days with so many stupids acts so clearly I excelled! 

Caught up with mates at Fed Sq on route to the temple. A few Geelong fossils that I went to school with including Baz Stoneham, Mick Gurrie & Tim Bourke (his brother Damien was a much footballer!). Got the call to get to the G quickly as my brother Andy had secured a better seat than the ticket I had. Well, in the Premiership Club on Level 1 centre wing opposite MCC. Only one not in a suit & flanked by some very nice ladies, one Pies (not bitter & twisted like SB) & one Roo’s supporter. After them looking me up & down & after a few well directed questions about children & grand children we were all friends & cheering for the Cats. Had to sing “You’re the Voice” & act like I liked Johnny Farnham but hey the things we do for love!

 First half was tense & Cats were looking good except for a fade in the last 5 minutes of Q1 & a Dasha brain snap at the end of the first half. Pacing myself at this stage with only 1 froffy per quarter. At half time went into the dining room & positioned ourselves for the second half behind the glass with bar close by. Our new friends from Gold Coast (Lewis a DJ & Kerry – in the entertainment industry – go figure) helped us get through the 2nd half until Chappies breakthrough goal.  Not sure how but a full pot went in the air & all over us & the glass.  Waitress was happy to clean it up & took her time as she got to watch the footy with us. More new friends Les (affectionately became know as Sir Les – 140 kgs & 75 yrs old) the Jockey (you know why) & Simon (not real name but had this smile like “Simon the likeable” of Get Smart fame) all celebrated very hard when the final siren rang with huges, yelling & screaming & heaps of behaviour clearly inappropriate for where we were. 

 Off to give a few hi 5’s as the 2009 Premiers ran around the oval doing their victory lap but somehow we got distracted & missed them. Couldn’t really catch them as too many people & too pissed at this stage so thought we better go down the rooms & say proper congratulations.  A comedy of lucky breaks saw us in the Geelong rooms shaking hands with the players (Scarlett, Bartel, Byrnes, Hawkins, Blake, Taylor, et al) interrupting their media interviews, Gary Ablett Snr, Frank Costa, Neil Balme with the highlight seeing Joel Selwood naked holding the Cup in the shower.  They wouldn’t share their beer so after about an hour off we went to Centre Square to see Paul Kelly & Jimmy Barnes.  No party pies but the prawns washed down with Corona & lime were splendid. After some minor indiscretion we had to leave under escort but it was time to go.  One more beer back at Fed Sq. where it all started & back home safely via taxi humming “We are Geelong the greatest team of all”. On arrival Kylie was delighted that I woke her up to give her the full report – not.

Until next year ... WE ARE GEELONG.


Pauly's Pain 12-9-09

Pauly :

"Fark fark fark

I would of had a leave pass this weekend to get out on the road with you guys but I  smashed up my knee on the MTB last weekend and the physio reckons I have damaged the cartilage at a minimum. She says that I can ride but on flat surfaces only and with minimal pressure - i.e. she really only suggests a wind trainer.  No steps, no running, no standing for long periods."

Get better soon Pauly - we need some intelligence on the road. STAY OFF THE MOUNTAIN BIKE!!!

By the way, that scar would heal faster if the legs were shaved. You have done it once, call The Captain for some hints.


ITU Triathlon World Championships

September 9 -13 Gold Coast

Stevie's report :

Thanks for your good wishes, I am very happy to report a successful outing on a cool-ish Saturday compared to recent days. The goals for the day were based on the limited capacity for training that was possible; Goal A to be NOT last and Goal B to get under 2:40 (with a wishful thinking desire to be under 2:30).

Thankfully the swim was declared wetsuit legal after the water had cooled down from Wednesday to be under 22C, this ensured that I could take advantage of the flotation offered. In a clever strategy designed to avoid the choas of blokes belting the living shit out of themselves in an environment that is not human-friendly, I started bog last and swam around the violence to emerge in 25mins way beyond expectations.

On the bike after struggling to remove the wetsuit - lack of practice being evident - and slowly worked up to be cruising at around 37-38kmh with a slight headwind.  Queensland is the home of drafting races and whilst illegal in triathlon, the organisers of this event have a reputation to allow it. So when a bunch of 30-34 year olds came past in a nicely formed peloton I happily jumped on the back and stayed the legal distance behind getting pulled along at 42-43kmh - sweet. Unfortunately they were on their second lap so when they pulled off I was lucky to find myself in a bunch of 45-49 year olds. Got a nice tow for the next 20k's and completed the bike in just over 1:03, the regular C-nut training rides did the trick.

Racked the bike, pulled on the runners, and on the way out of T2 gave the wife a kiss then headed onto the 10km run. Legs were good, just not sure they would last given I had done no run-bike training since summer. Started passing blokes from GB (bloody poms!) which got the adrenalin going, then picked up some yanks, feeling better again. Even better was I wasn't getting passed by anyone else, so goal A was looking good right now. The watch had failed so I had no idea what my time was but overall thought I was gogin OK. In the last 3km saw a Mexican bloke about 300m away and decided that he was next on the list, caught him with 1.2km to go and kept the pace going to finish with a sprint over the last 500m. Final time was 2:17 and 70th placing, mission accomplished!

Michelle races tomorrow along with Wizza. Caught up with Wizz who was looking very fit and ready to race.

Have settled into the couch in front of the 50inch Plasma with a cold Squires Amber Ale (tastes better after a race too), waiting for the Pies V Crows.

See you all next Saturday for the post mortem.


Supa turns 50!

Supa turned it on at his party with plenty of drinks, great food, piano for Joe (where was the rendition of "My Life" for Supa?) and the best birthday cake seen - vanilla slices!

Happy birthday and thanks for the party!

A couple more pics in Photo Gallery - "Functions"

Joe - "Chariots of Fire", very inspiring! Word is that we will put him on a trailer down Beach Road.


London Philharmonic

The Captain has booked in to see and hear the London Philharmonic orchestra in October if anyone is interested - at $240 per head...


Book in with Pauly and KY to see some very loud band at $15 per head, with plenty of beer, feral people (including Pauly and KY) and then ride home...NOTHING BETTER.

Information on the band to see coming shortly...........

or you can sit with your suit on falling asleep!

Principal Conductor Vladimir Jurowski

Some of us are ignorant, what is the point of a conductor? Haven't they rehearsed the parts before?

Sit down you long haired twat!

Prefer to be treated to a solo version of "My Life" by Joey.

Gabriel - Just tell the TRUTH!!

Gabriel was spotted at the MCG last weekend of LE TOUR! Essendon vs Richmond July 26 2009

Thought you were in France presenting some dodgy food - or was that your brother?

Macca - Getting out of Town

Looks like Macca has had enough of the Brighton lifestyle, riding and causing general mayhem along Beach Road. He and the family are off to Queensland to live.

When? - soon

Why? - why wouldn't you?

Maybe arthritis is setting in from the warp speed he and his new crew are riding but from all the CNUT crew we wish you and your family the best.

Great possibility for a CNUT trip so Macca, expect some freeloaders!

Oh the pain oh hills!

Oh Captain - The Horror

21-4-09 :

Well the news keeps getting better and better!
The Captain's arthroscopy (9th April) went well at the start with the knee feeling somewhat smoother and less "grindy".
A persistent leaking of fluid from the puncture point led to some concern and this Tuesday the surgeon has diagnosed this as leaking synovial fluid which must be stopped as soon as possible.
Therefore surgery again this Friday (24th) at John Fawkner Hospital to re-suture the leaking canal.
Minimum another 4 weeks off the Wilier, with the added news of an extremely dodgy knee which will need full artificial replacement within the next ten years! Great!
He also suggests that I must learn to spin more whilst riding and not ride the Jan Ulrich way of big gear grind (Yes, I know you told me so Macca!)
Therefore I am still leading my team only in spirit, but will hope to be riding and giving you all some direction by early June.
I will keep you updated.
Yours in cycling memories,
The Captain.

Odds are when Youngy gets his replacement hip he will be in bed next to the Captain getting his new knee in 10 years time. Hopefully The Captain will be over listening to that Indian trance music!

The Captain's Lame Excuse 27-2-09

February 27 2009 :

Seems like The Captain is more concerned about how is inverted knob will perform in Thailand in March.

From The Captain :

The truth must come out about the Captain.

 1. September 1998: Torn anterior AND medial cruciate ligament.

2. November 2000: Full knee reconstruction, with advice to arthroscope within 5 years.

3. Started cycling at age 40. (2003)

 Fast forward to 2009.

 Right knee now extremely crunchy and painful. Arthroscope booked for early April. Distance riding or walks make knee resemble large canteloupe.

Advice to fellow team members: have vacumning arthroscope when told to do so.

Will ride when knee is fixed.

Therefore Captain out.



Isobel Reading 10-12-08

Pauly & Kate are proud parents of a new baby girl, Isobel.

Everything is well and Kate and bub are home in Brunswick.

Isobel has been introduced to some members, joining in for the traditional post ride Heineken on Saturday December 20.

Congratulations from all.

The Captain's New Tosser Vehicle

Rating below zero

Sienna Rose McNabb

It is now Russman versus 4 women in the home of the Mayor of Moonee Ponds.

Sienna was born on July 17 2008.

Sharon and the new bub are doing well but the Russman has been struggling all week after wetting the baby's head watching the Bombers stuff up against the Tigers.

Russ........we need some photos

Congratulations to Russ, Sharon, Perry and Raleigh on the new addition to Tennyson Street.

Watch at for Angus in a few years (another 10 I would think)!

Sarah Amilie Miton

Brendo & Narelle have became parents on July 15 2008.

From Brendo:

Have a new edition to the c-nutters clan. She will be a while off riding a bike though! Sarah Amilie, born 11:57pm, 15th July at a whopping great 2.8kgs. Both doing well.

Congratulations from the crew.

Brendo - $6,000 will be a nice bike!


KY's Pain June 2008

For those  who do not know KY was putting together a documentary about what happens when a car hits a cyclist. He evidently tried to make it as realistic as possible by allowing himself to "t-bone" into a car as he was hurtling down Lygon Street on June 12. The result - a busted windscreen, damaged side door and busted pelvis as the hip ball disintergrated everything in it's way. Evidently the old postie has survived. Witnesses have said that KY tried to take the corner when the car pulled in front but he hit the side of the car, flew in the air, landed on the windscreen and when the driver braked, tried to surf of the front of the car only to do some serious damage. The damage could have been worse.

Injuries - as mentioned broken pelvis and after a 5.5 hour operation (after 3 days of pain) inserting metal bits everything seems to be ok.

KY is now out of hospital watching dodgy DVDs but for the majority of the 11 nights in there it was spent lost in a haze of drugs. The epidural worked on the wrong damn side so it was left to the "Special K" to assist with the pain relief. "Special K" is evidently sold on the streets - absolutely filthy halluciation drug. Did not see spiders but the dreams were horrific. The tablets are working well at home so now it is physio time. Hopefully the physio quality is the same as in St Vincents as Joe will testify.

KY would like to thank the crew for all their support for him and his family. All the phone calls, texts and visits were much appreciated. He apologises that his ability to converse was affected by drugs and that he sometimes could not focus or stay awake during visits. No matter what is said about Team CNUT when a member is in need they can count on some great support. So if anyone wants a crack at our attitude again - feel free!

The moral of the story is that even if you do everything right by using strong lights, wearing bright clothing and riding defensive people out there do not look for cyclists so do not take anything for granted.

Physio is going to take at least 6 months so the aim is get get fit for next year's Melbourne Roubaix. 

Connor Matthew Ellis

Jason and Olivia are, as of Wednesday May 14 2008, are now proud parents of Connor Matthew Ellis.

Congratulations from all the team!

The little fella is doing it tough at the moment at the Children's Hospital so let's get behind Jason and Olivia and give them some support.

Jason's mobile is 0417 595 868 and e-mail address is

Update from Jason 20-5-08 :

Olivia and I would like to say thank you for all of you best wishes so far. 

Bubs and Olivia

In case you had not yet heard the news, Olivia gave birth to a little (and I do mean little) boy, Connor Matthew Ellis. Connor was born at Birralee (Box Hill Hospital) on Wednesday 14th May at 3:10am and weighed 1.595kg (3pounds 8oz), 6 weeks and 1 day prematurely.Being born so early, he was being prepared to be transferred to the Mercy Hospital where more advanced equipment was located when it was found that some other complications were present.

Please do not be concerned with the leads in the pictures.  We are happy to chat with everyone and talk about his condition as it lets people know about the condition, which we knew nothing about earlier.  It also helps us deal with the situation as we have not been able to hold him since he was born.

Olivia is recovering well and remaining positive.